Elaine A. Sullivan’s Constructing the Sacred Published

Cover of Constructing the Sacred by Elaine A. Sullivan, 2020

Please join us in celebrating the release of our sixth digital publication, Elaine A. Sullivan’s Constructing the Sacred: Visibility and Ritual Landscape at the Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara.

The long-lived burial site of Saqqara, Egypt, has been studied for more than a century. But the site we visit today is a palimpsest, the result of thousands of years of change, both architectural and environmental. Elaine A. Sullivan uses 3D technologies to peel away the layers of history at the site, revealing how changes to sight lines, skylines, and vistas at different periods of Saqqara’s millennia-long use influenced sacred ceremonies and ritual meaning at the necropolis.

Stay tuned for more posts about the project and start exploring here.

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