Author: Jasmine Mulliken

Just Released: 2020 Dreams: Toward a New Understanding of the Dreaming-Waking Continuum

We are delighted to announce the release of our newest publication: 2020 Dreams: Toward a New Understanding of the Dreaming-Waking Continuum by Maja Gutman Mušič and Kelly Bulkeley, with Sheldon Juncker, Daniel Kennedy, Gez Quinn, and Jennifer Marie Lane. The year 2020 emerged as a pivotal moment in modern history, in many overlapping and mutually

Just Released: Country of Words: A Transnational Atlas for Palestinian Literature

Please join us in celebrating the release of Refqa Abu-Remaileh’s Country of Words: A Transnational Atlas for Palestinian Literature. Country of Words is a digital-born project that retraces and remaps the global story of Palestinian literature in the twentieth century, starting from the Arab world and going through Europe, North America, and Latin America. Sitting

Just Released: Ego Media: Life Writing and Online Affordances

We are excited to announce the publication of Max Saunders and Lisa Gee’s Ego Media: Life Writing and Online Affordances. Enabled by the internet and mobile technologies, digital media have generated profound changes in how and where we communicate, interact, and present ourselves. Ego Media explores the impact of these rapidly evolving media on forms and practices

The Highly Collaborative Nature of Making, Producing, and Preserving Digital Publications

Jasmine Mulliken, SUP’s Production and Preservation Manager for Digital Projects, recently presented at the Association of University Press’s Annual Meeting which was held online June 5-16. I had the great privilege earlier this month of presenting at AUPresses 2023 alongside some of my favorite and most esteemed peers and collaborators in a panel we designed

More Web Archiving: Collaboration, Testing, and New Tools for Extending the Life of Digital Scholarship

Production and Preservation Manager Jasmine Mulliken participated in a panel at the International Internet Preservation Consortium’s Web Archiving Conference. Last month, I had the honor of presenting SUP’s digital publications as a use case for Browsertrix Cloud, a tool for the web archiving of complex, interactive, digital scholarly publications. The panel, entitled Browser-Based Crawling For

Digital Wins!

Last week we learned that one of SUP’s digital projects has won a PROSE Award. Massimo Riva’s Shadow Plays: Virtual Realities in an Analog World, published in June of 2022, has won the Association of American Publishers’ 2023 PROSE Award for eProducts. This project was unique in its development in that, in addition to our

DigiPres 2022

Last week I attended the DLF and DigiPres conferences in Baltimore. Below is a reformatting of my presentation for the latter, “The Story of a Digital Scholarly Publication, As Told by Its Preservation Format.” The original slides, with full presentation text (but without moving video) are available at I want to start at the

Meanwhile, Behind the Server Scenes…

With the launch of our latest publication a couple weeks ago, we’ve now released a total of eight projects to the scholarly community, ranging in topic from Black history to archaeology to Middle East studies to ecology. And as different as the subjects each project covers are the technologies on which they are built. That’s