A Symposium of Our Own

photo of nametag showing conference name, place, and dates

It will be another week before we can fully process and report out on what was a truly informative and productive last few days. Over the past several weeks we’ve been organizing and planning for the Preservation at Stanford University Press Workshop which was held May 14-15 at Stanford University. We brought together many of our contracted authors as well as a diverse range of technical and web-preservation experts including representatives from King’s College Digital Lab, Project Endings, Digits, Reclaim Hosting, Internet Archive, Webrecorder, Computer History Museum, Software Preservation Network, and Emulation as a Service. A few of our own Stanford University Libraries experts were there as well, and the combination of perspectives created a powerful lens through which to examine possibilities in preserving the interactive scholarly works we’re publishing here at the Press.

The presentations and breakout conversations flew by too quickly. But we are left with a bounty of notes, and as soon as we catch our breath, we will be sharing reports and reflections from the event. In the meantime, we want to express how much we appreciate everyone who contributed to the conversation and who gave us the chance to share the innovative work of our authors. It’s work we want to ensure is around for a long time to come, and this meeting was a significant step in pursuing that goal. Stay tuned for much more!

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