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DH 2018

From the Presidential election to the World Cup watch parties, it was an electrifying time to be in downtown Mexico City for DH2018. SUP’s digital publishing initiative was well-represented at the week-long conference, sending our Acquisitions Editor, Digital Production Associate, and Sales and Exhibits Manager. Our group demoed several of our digital publications, including the

¡Hola, Digital Humanities!

The supDigital team is at DH2018 in Mexico City this week, catching up with friends and colleagues and meeting lots of new ones. If you’re here come say hi! We’re at the table at the top of the stairs above registration. You’re welcome to stop by and check out our latest interactive publications making waves

Preservation at Stanford University Press Workshop

When it comes to the format of interactive scholarly works, one size does not fit all. It’s been one of the greatest strengths and the greatest challenges of the kind of work we’re publishing under the Mellon-funded initiative. While other publishers, also in some cases with the help of the Mellon Foundation, are doing excellent

A Symposium of Our Own

It will be another week before we can fully process and report out on what was a truly informative and productive last few days. Over the past several weeks we’ve been organizing and planning for the Preservation at Stanford University Press Workshop which was held May 14-15 at Stanford University. We brought together many of

IIPC Panel Accepted

The IIPC has accepted a panel proposed by Jasmine Mulliken, Anna Perricci, and Sumitra Duncan for inclusion in its 2018 Web Archiving Conference program. While the program has yet to be released, we are excited to be part of what promises to be a dynamic and productive conversation. The conference will take place in Wellington,

Networks of Preservation: A Line-Up of Events in 2018

Part of the grant that funds our program for publishing interactive scholarly works is dedicated to helping us get to conferences and meetings with authors and colleagues. This year we’ve already been to MLA and AHA, both typical conferences for publishers to attend when their lists involve language, literature, and history, and both of which

AHA, MLA, and 2018

2018 is already off to a busy start for supDigital. We covered a couple different conferences last week and are managing the typical catch-up as we return to the office. The American Historical Association held its conference in Washington, D.C. this year, and I attended a pre-conference THATCamp where I engaged with digital historians working

Setting the Standards for Web Publications

I had the opportunity last week to observe the 2018 TPAC, W3c’s Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meetings. The opportunity arose when I was connected to the recently formed W3C Web Publishing working group by a fellow Mellon grantee I met at the New York all-projects meeting at the end of September. He connected us

Taking It on the Road

This week our team travels to New York to participate in a convening of Mellon-funded scholarly communications projects. Part of the aim is to share with each other our purpose, progress, challenges, and next steps. We’re looking forward to learning what our friends are doing and sharing our own experiences with them. The group will